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Typo Keyboard Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s first look

Typo Keyboard Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s first look

The new latest iPhone case called in the name of Typo Keyboard Case will debut in early 2014, this is bringing BlackBerry type keyboard to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Despite of the famous of touch screen smartphones in the market, some BlackBerry users have use their phones with some advanced keyboards. Typo Keyboard Case is here to help with the transition to a touch screen. This Typo Keyboard actually called as mobile phone case and now currently available for the iPhone 5 and 5s with a wireless keyboard on the bottom.

Typo Keyboard

The new Keyboard Case is available on iPhone case that adds a keyboard to Apple’s smartphone for those who prefer physical keys to the virtual keyboard. This Typo Case compare to other keyboard cases this has adds a portrait keyboard to the iPhone 5.

Now a day not everyone likes the onscreen keyboards on touchscreen mobile devices. For example Apple iPhone users this Typo Keyboard Case adds a hardware keypad to your iPhone 5/5s. The keypad is well designed in the style of BlackBerry Bold style with large type, backlit keys. This will help users to type 50% faster compare to other smartphone devices.

Typo Keyboard case 2

Typo Keyboard Case connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth, and this has a microUSB port for charging. This Typo Case available to pre-order in the company website for USD99 as approx cost.|Video Source|

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