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Spotify for mobile Free music services

Spotify for mobile Free music services

Spotify for mobile Free music service : Spotify going to launch the free music services; Swedish music streaming service is set to be announcing users to pick up specific songs for streaming on their mobiles with free service.

The Wall Street Journal sources said this new free feature which will mostly serve up the music based inputs. The sources also said the users can pick the tracks in the playlist and if the playlist is too long, Spotify will also have options to shuffle the songs and play with limited number of times.

Spotify Free Music Service

Spotify already offers lot of free mobile service in specific states but doesn’t allow users can pick specific tracks without paying any money.  Spotify is latest feature to be unveiled after Spotify released a number of new tools with lot of free mobile applications and data that enable artists to track playback of their songs.

According to sources said Spotify has spent last year negotiating with the major companies like Sony, Universal and Warner regarding the rates it will pay them to play songs on the free mobile service.

There’s no official announcement from Spotify, but the Spotify Company is under much pressure from the investors to increase the number of users to subscribe the premium service.

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