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Motorola Moto X launched lightweight with 4.7-inch HD screen phone

Motorola Moto X launched lightweight with 4.7-inch HD screen phone

The mobile phone makers are trying to attract consumers with big screens, resulted the compact Motorola Moto X stands out. It is one of the few mobile phones that is compact, well built and lightweight. The users are loved the overall look and feel of the Motorola Moto X.

Motorola Moto X has a slight curve at the rear that makes fit well in the palm. The phone comes with bright 4.7-inch HD screen with super-sharp great viewing angles and surprisingly slim bezels.  The latest Motorola Moto X hardware includes 1.7Ghz dual core Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. These are not the perfect or best specifications in price range of mobiles in the market. The phone has boast quad and octa core processors. Moto X has provided not only the hardware and this good for the performance.

The new Moto X is pure Android and the phone has good fast user interface and this will be fastest compare to other premium octa core smartphones. This mobile Motorola Moto X runs with full HD videos and games like Shadowrun. The software applications are good compare to other mobiles. The Motorola Moto X has made special by the Google’s enhancements that will manage and improve user experience which compare to other devices loaded with bloatware.

Moto X for example users can unlock and operate it with voice commands, the active display comes on automatically when you take it out of your pocket. The main great feature that the Motorola assist reads out notifications when user are driving and Motorola connect function reply to messages from user desktop using Google’s Chrome web browser.

Motorola Moto X

The Motorola 10MP camera on the Moto X takes good photos with sharp, rich colours and minimal noise. The video quality has good with features like full HD video, slow motion animation video and focus control. The battery life for the big screen mobile phones regular usage is just over a day. To keep in mind that takes nano Sim and does not have microSD slot for expansion.

Moto X Specifications which include 4.7-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) IPS, powered by 1.7Ghz dual core Snapdragon processor, speed of 2GB RAM with16GB storage, 10MP rear with 2MP front camera, connectivity option include Bluetooth, Moto X runs with Android 4.4. The weight of the phone comes with 130grams.

Moto X launched with price of Rs 23,999/- onwards

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