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Microsoft Xbox One reveals its answer to Sony’s Playstation 4

Microsoft Xbox One reveals its answer to Sony’s Playstation 4

Microsoft has launched Xbox One its answer to Sony’s PlayStation 4. Its touts the new console as a home entertainment hub that goes far beyond games. The beefed up hardware allows for instant switching between games. TV and internet browsing.

Microsoft new release Xbox 360 model with redesigned to match the look of the upcoming Xbox One. The new, more compact Xbox 360 is available now.

Xbox One Kinect motion and sound sensing accessories accompanying the console recognize users, sound features are very good and respond t spoken commands and even detect a person’s pulse.

microsoft-xbox one-console

The Kinect sensor (including with camera) comes with box with the new console, and features are much more  improved voice commands that you can use to control anything on the console, including watching live TV (with the Xbox One able to change channels on your cable box, and even turn your TV on) or the built-in Blu-ray player.

8GB RAM DDR3, 500GB of hard drive

8-core AMD custom CPU clocking 1.75GHz

853MHz GPU

The successor to Xbox 360 will debut at $500, $100 more than PS4. But the fact that Xbox One (Like PS4) is not backward compatible is sure to irk gamer.

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