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Microsoft Remote Desktop apps for Android and iOS allow Access PC from Mobile

Microsoft Remote Desktop apps for Android and iOS allow Access PC from Mobile

This Microsoft Remote Desktop app also allows users to securely connect to their system and applications with the use of Network Layer Authentication (NLA) technology. This will come with connection center that allows users easy management of all remote connections.

Storing files in the cloud gives you the advantage of accessing them from any ware, But if you don’t believe in the cloud, and prefer to keep data in your computer, there is now new application called Microsoft Remote Desktop which will help you to connect to data from an Android device. It uses the new network Layer Authentication technology and provides the user rich multi-touch experience. The apps has been getting fairly good reviews, especially from people who use Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

This Microsoft Remote Desktop app also offers user to play high quality video and sound streaming with improved compression and bandwidth usage, according to Microsoft’s claims, in addition to support for easy connection to external monitors or projectors for presentations.

In addition to the above features, the Remote Desktop app for Mac also offers support for printing from Windows applications to any printer configured on the Mac and allows users to access local files on the Mac even from Windows applications.

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