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Microsoft launches Krrish 3 game for Windows devices

Microsoft launches Krrish 3 game for Windows devices

Microsoft Launched its official new krrish 3 game, which will be available on windows tablets, smartphones and tablets, laptops. It is based on Bellwood actor Hrithik Roshan starrer releasing next month. Set against the backup of Mumbai. These games have six levels, three of which are set in the old city and therein the new city and there in the newer parts of Mumbai.

A user can choose to fight as one of the four movie characters: Krish,Kaal,Kaaya and Frogman. The krrish 3 game gives a real taste of all the krrish 3 game action with multiple characters, numerous weapons and amazing graphics informed by Microsoft release.

krrish 3

Krrish 3 game meet Windows – a truly unbeatable combination! They announce the krrish 3 game exclusively for Windows smartphones, tablets and laptops. And it can be used with multi gaming options. With the amazing game play, graphics, characters and weapons, the krrish 3 game is a must-have for all Windows users,” shared Amrish Goyal, General Manager, Windows Business Group, Microsoft India. He further added, “Over the next few months, Windows users can look forward to many more such exclusive and exciting experiences.”

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