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Mercury Browser Pro – New Mobile Browser for Android Users

Mercury Browser Pro – New Mobile Browser for Android Users

There are now new Mobile browser fro Android users, if they are not satisfied with other browsers in the market like chrome, Firefox etc called Mercury Browser Pro. The developers say their focus is on speed and the privacy, very much like its iOS version.

There are different options Mercury Browser Pro like to personalize Speed Dial. To protect users privacy, Mercury Browser Pro gives features like private mode and login pass code. Users can manually change brightness, and the use the day/night mode to read better in different light environments.

Mercury Browser Pro

Mercury Browser Pro reader mode renders only article text, minus website clutter, allowing you to focus on the content at hand. If you need to conserve battery life, just switch to night mode to darken the theme. The private browsing mode is standard, for the times you want to keep your surfing history off the record. Another useful features in Mercury Browser Pro is its support for eight gestures: a tow finger tap at the top or bottom of the screen lets you scrolls through a page quickly.

Mercury Browser Pro 2

Mercury Browser Pro Features

Mercury Browser Pro fast web browser, iPhone touch. feature set includes themes, downloading, printing, full screen browsing, file sharing, adblock, tabs, multi touch gestures, user agent switcher, private browsing, pass code lock, save page, Facebook/Twitter integration lot more.

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