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Maniac Manors v1 APK – Android Apps

Maniac Manors v1 APK – Android Apps

Anyone remember the Lucas Arts games of old? We’re talking some of the better classics from the 80’s and 90’s here, like ManiacMansion and Day of the Tentacle. Those were some point-and-click games to be proud of, ones worth experiencing, and sad reminders of a company that’s now nothing more than a memory.

Cezure Production clearly remembers that company as well, and pays it loving tribute with its own haunting point-and-click adventure, Maniac Manors. It definitely has its moments, especially with its creepy ambiance, but a lack of any sort of assistance may well leave some players frustrated.

In Maniac Manors, your character, which doesn’t exactly have the tightest grasp on reality, has just picked up a house for dirt cheap. He’s convinced that he has the deal of a lifetime, but then things go horribly wrong, and you’re soon fighting to keep your sanity in one piece as you explore this mysterious mansion.

And if this game has one thing going for it, it’s style. Based on the Cthulhu myth, Maniac Manors has a terrific presentation. The visuals are creepy, it offers up strange, screen-shifting effects whenever you experience dizziness, and its spooky music is truly haunting. As an overall experience, the game really draws you in, especially if you’re playing at night.

Maniac Manors skillfully blends adventure, puzzle, investigation, “escape the room” and puzzles in carefully crafted 3D environments. Find and collect items that will serve to progress in your adventure. Your observation skills will be challenged to intercept messages and hidden codes.


You’ll need an iPad or an Iphone 3 or newer to play this game.

Application Usage

The device should be atleast 512 memory before use or play the Game,

Size: 133 Mb | Android: 4.0 and up

Source via Google Play

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