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Magento iPhone Theme

Magento iPhone Theme

All major ecommerce platforms are developing themes exclusively for Apple iPhone and Magento is no exception. This step towards this platform is the first one to attain a stronghold in a potential market which as of now has small scale retailers trying to reach the mobile eCommerce market.

Potential of Mobile eCommerce Market

Magento iPhone Theme -Mobile ecommerce which is also being called as eCommerce is growing rapidly. But the rectifiable drawback of mobile ecommerce is that it can get a tad frustrating for the customer and developing mobile ecommerce websites that are legible and competent has been the most taxing task for Magento developers.

Rendering of websites is already done is a competent way in the Apple iPhone but displaying online stores have been predominantly designed for flat widescreens which are of size 19 inches diagonally. While these sites are rendered properly on the iPhone, they take on diminutive dimensions, requiring an iPhone owner to zoom in, zoom out, and scroll in all directions.

iPhones use WiFi connections (802.11n standard), Bluetooth (radio), fast 3G cellular networks, or older and slower cellular based networks depending on what sort of connection is available at a given time. If the sites are loaded using a fast Wi-fi or 3G network then there should not be a problem but when these sites are accessed via a slow cellular network then loading them will be painstakingly slow.


To tackle these hurdles Magento developers have developed templates, presentations, layout combination and themes exclusively for the iPhone’s browser. With these development from the Magento developers, great looking graphics, full functionality, and the same payment gateways, can be accessed through the iPhone browser.

Equalizing eCommerce

Independent retailers can utilize this new Magento iPhone Theme for iPhone to tap m-commerce’s extensive potential. The already present navigation tools and browser in Apple’s iPhone is efficient enough to display and help customers to go through pages at ease. The iPhone Magento extension delivers a user experience that supports the iPhone’s touch-screen functionality, taking users on a clearly defined path from browsing to purchasing. With the up scaled database of iPhone users the market for online customers is also increasing.

Magento Iphone Mobile

The new Magento iphone extension for iPhone helps users to check products in a layered way which helps the customer to customize settings for them. The time taken for customers to tap on a product and choose it also reduces with such customized viewing options and it is also optimized in such a way that products can be chosen with a single click.

Using the iPhone Theme to Gain a Competitive Advantage

It is an obvious fact that m-commerce is growing exponentially and rapidly the concern should be to those not adopting these advancements as they will stay behind from the market and competitors who are adopting wisely.

Magento Programmers are looking to enhance their applications which have been built for other platforms too but as Apple iPhone covers almost 49% of smart phone users this step of acquiring the iPhone market will be the biggest enhancement that the developers make even if they can cover the majority of other smart phone applications.

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