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Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers Review

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers Review

The Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers boasts an elegant design –with a touch sensitive volume control dial atop one of the speakers and Bluetooth capability that’s lets you pair up to three devices, whether smartphones, computers or tablets. In cases your device does not support Bluetooth; you can also use a wired connection via its 3.5mm line-in, or use its USD wireless transceiver.

Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 as an “elegantly designed pair of wireless stereo speakers that complement the sleek good looks of Mac and Ultrabook computers.”As for as outputs concerned, three drivers inside each speaker promise you room filling sound.

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Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers Design and Features

Overall, I liked the look of the speakers, but I can’t say I was wowed by their design. They’re pretty understated and simple, which is a good thing. But up close anyway, they just don’t look or feel terribly swanky. Not that you’d expect that at this price point, but I just want to make it clear that I wouldn’t describe these as premium multimedia speakers.

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers Specifications

  • 2- Channel audio, 3 drivers per speaker
  • Bluetooth v2.0, USB transceiver, range of up to 10m
  • A2DP Profile Support
  • 3.5mm line-in

While the speakers are wireless, they still have cords. The two speakers are joined by a tangle-resistant flat cord that seems durable and resembles a bigger version of the flat-cord design of many of today’s headphones. The AC adapter is integrated into the cord and I found everything — speakers and cords — easy enough to pick up and move to another location. (After shooting the video for the product in our video studio, I easily ran them over to our home-theater room for some listening tests)

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers

The speakers also ship with a USB Bluetooth transmitter for computers. Often, Bluetooth connections can be a little finicky with computers, so Logitech has included the USB transmitter so the speakers will quickly and easily pair up with your computer and stream audio more reliably.

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers desc

The transmitter also allows for “smooth” switching between connected devices. (As noted, up to three devices can be connected at the same time.) We tested the the transmitter with a Windows 8 machine and everything worked without a hitch.

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers in India Price INR 12,955

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