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Kobo Touch eReader launched in India – Features, Specifications

Kobo Touch eReader launched in India – Features, Specifications

The touch is Kobo’s most basic eReader. Kobo Touch has a 6 inch pearl (matte finish) e-ink display and understated design. Kobo Touch eReader has home button and power switch –everything else is done with touch.

This has no user serviceable parts; the back cover easily pops off revealing a 1,000mAh lion battery and 4GB micro SD card (which is in addition to the outward facing micro SD slot). Kobo Touch eReader considering that ebooks barely take up any space at all, the 4GB card inside should be more than enough for most people.

Kobo eReader device starts up fast from sleep and loads up a book fairly quickly too. You can read multiple books and they resume from where you left off. All the usual fare is there. Multiple dictionaries, bookmarks, front customization and touch area customization.

Kobo Touch eReader

Kobo Touch a great feature is the ability to customize how often the screen completely refreshes. Partial refreshes leave slight residue but page turns are faster. Kobo eReader screen is fairly height and comfortable to read on the long as there is enough ambient light.

The Kobo Touch eReader touch does everything that an eReader should, but after reading a couple of books and to end. Kobo Touch without front light is quite limiting. If you want affordable, we feel that it’s a lot better if you go for the basic, non touch Kindle at INR 5,999. Spend just INR 3,000 more and you will get the excellent. Kindle Paper white which remains our favorite-ink eReader device.

Kobo Touch eReader Specifications

Anti-glare 6: Pearl E lnk touchscreen, micro SD slot, 4GB Internal memory, 1,000mAh battery. Weight 183 grams.

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