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HTC introduces HTC One Max with Fingerprint Sensor

HTC introduces HTC One Max with Fingerprint Sensor

HTC, the Taiwanese handset maker which posted its first loss on record last quarter, unvellied a new handset with finger print sensor, joining Apple in featuring the security technology.

The new HTC One Max has one feature unavailable on the smaller models: a fingerprint identification sensor similar to that on Apple’s new iPhone 5S. It’s an optional way to unlock a phone without using a four-digit pass code. Unlike Apple’s version, however, the Max can be programmed to automatically open one of three favourite apps, depending on which finger is used.

HTC One Max has a 5.9-inch (15 centimetres) full high-definition screen and can run on fourth-generation long term Evolution networks, it said in a statement. The device using Qualcomm Inc’ Snapdragon 600 processor will debut in China, UK and Taiwan before starting US sales,

HTC One Max

HTC’s largest phone with a brand of HTC One MAX, featuring Google’s Android 4.3 operating system, is part of efforts to revive sales as it struggles to regain share from Samsung and Sony. Apple last month unvellied its iPhone 5s with a fingerprint sensor to boost security and aid shopping while HTC said its handset HTC One Max can automatically start an application according to which finger is scanned.

Large screen phones have been picked up in Asia more than in western countries, and the trend for larger is definitely there; The HTC One Max phone was unveiled in Beijing and became the latest model to be first shown in china. Various models of its Desire series as well as specific phones have been released first in that market,

Ultra Pixel camera technology, first unveiled with the HTC One Max in February. It’s fingerprint sensor is on the device’s back while Apple’s is on the front. Samsung too is reportedly working on a rival to apple’s Touch ID feature. According to a report AndroidSAS Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 will feature an eye scanning sensor.

The security feature will allow users to lock or unlock their devices by simply gazing at it. Some previous reports too hinted at Samsung working on new security technology match up iPhone 5S’ fingerprint sensor. Earlier to this week Samsung is planning move up the launch off Galaxy S5 to January 2014 and will be unvellied in January 2014 and will hit the shelves the following month.

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