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Hills of Glory 3D v1.1.3 Android Games

Hills of Glory 3D v1.1.3 Android Games

Hills of Glory 3D In this classic tower defense game set in Europe during World War II you are commissioned to guard a bunker with a bird’s eye view of the terrain surrounding your post; your job is to keep the enemy at bay. As you unlock achievements you will pick up power ups artillery and health packs along the way. Infantry with varying levels of resilience and armoured tanks routinely make their way around foliage and cottages trying to set siege on your holdout.

hills of Glory 3d main

You much devise the best way to stop their approach: below the bridge to cut them off use mortar to destroy armoured vehicles or scorch the infantry with a flame thrower. Hills of Glory 3D as you trudge across Europe, through 21 missions you will earn rewards and expand your arsenal. Alternatively you can take a break to earn medals in the survival mode.

hills of Glory 3d

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