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Google Maps Engine Pro Aims To Help Small Businesses

Google Maps Engine Pro Aims To Help Small Businesses

Google has unveiled Google Maps Engine Pro, an application that allows businesses to move data from a variety of files directly into Google Maps. The new tool costs $5 per month. Once the data has been imported into Google Maps Engine Pro, businesses can create interactive, geographic maps full of valuable internal information.

According to Mashable, Google Maps Engine Pro also enables users to customize the way a map appears, down to the colour of marker pins, as well as the gradation and border thickness of specific zones.

Google Maps Engine Pro

This is very good news for potential customers is that you can now also get a free introductory account to Maps Engine Pro. The introductory account gives you free access to the full Maps Engine Pro platform but limits the number of map queries per day.

There is more good news as well for users of any of the Google Engine Pro products. A new mobile app allows you to now view your maps created with Google Maps Pro on your Android phone.

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