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Glympse for Android App Review

Glympse for Android App Review

Glympse is an app that lets you share your location with anyone. You can share your whereabouts with a few people using text or email, or you could share this data publicity using social networks. The app on your handset lets you select people from your contact list (e-mail and phone numbers and even post your location to your Facebook or twitter accounts.

Sharing your location through Glympse has been a time-sensitive affair, with friends and family receiving links to maps that would plot your position for a few hours at most. Now, however, Glympse has partnered with Evernote to save records of your travels. Simply share your current location broadcast to Evernote and the complete trek will be saved to a “My Glympse Trails” folder. Android users are getting the first crack at the new feature starting today, but folks running the iOS app are set to receive the integration shortly. Check your handset for the update or click the bordering source link to grab ahold of the app.

Glympse for Android App

You can also choose for how long you want to share your location, and hit6 send. Recipients will get a link that allows them to view your coordinates on a map in real time for the length of time you choose. Ideal for when you’re meeting with friends or family and want to keep theme posted about your whereabouts. Recipients can view your Glympse on any web enabled device and no app required. It should be noted that this app works best with the GPS turned on.

This will support Android, BlackBerry (4.6.0 or higher)

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