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Xiaomi Arch Curved glass device image leaked

Xiaomi Arch Curved glass device image leaked

The latest news that the images of Xiaomi smartphone code named as Xiaomi Arch has been leaked in Chinese leakster KJuma. As per the sources said that the leaked images shows device with curved Edge display along with S6 Edge but here it only curved on one side(right hand side).

Technology media house Gizmo China has gotten hold of a never-seen footage of the Xiaomi Arch smartphone. In the picture, the device is seen sporting a dual-edge display, where-in the screen is curved on both right and left sides.

Xiaomi Arch

To see the pictures that the Xiaomi both sides of the display on this model is curved unlike the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which also has curved display edge but only on one side. The latest Xiaomi Arch has dual curved edge display design, and the Xiaomi Arch will have better with both sides than the current Note 4 Edge.

The overall design of the Xiaomi smartphone looks pretty good with the ‘Mi’ branding on top and with three capacitive buttons at the bottom of the device. However, remember that this image is just an poster and not the real device. The somewhere bit suspicious that the overall design of Xiaomi Arch in the leaked images shoes its similar to Mi 3. As of now the Xiaomi is not respond to media for the latest model. Unless until that the company comes out with announcement and to to stop the rumours, this report will remain as pure speculations only. via source

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