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Facebook, Google will On Advertising – Facebook Ads

Facebook, Google will On Advertising – Facebook Ads

Two big competitors, Google and Facebook have announced yesterday, that the “Facebook Ads” will be sold by Google. Google’s DoubleClick bid manager will sell Facebook ads which will be able for marketers to buy ads for Facebook’s Ad exchange platform.

Google owned online ad-placing service DoubleClick announced that the way has been cleared to include space at Facebook, Google had previously been shut out of the social network’s advertising network, with no reasons given for exclusion or the change of heart, World that the internet titan’s online advertising reach would extend to face book came as Google shares breached $1,000 for the first time.

Facebook Ads

Google says, “Partnership has been key to Google’s success as a rising tide lifts all boats.  So we’re excited to announce a new way to help our clients succeed by working with Facebook to participate in FBX, their real-time bidding exchange…we’re always looking at ways to serve our clients even better – starting in a few months, clients will be able to buy inventory on FBX via DoubleClick Bid Manager.”

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