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Apple’s iBeacon Location-Aware Shopping Goes Live

Apple’s iBeacon Location-Aware Shopping Goes Live

Apple is going to launch new advanced location based iBeacons at their stores in United States and this almost available its 254 stores.  According to sources the iBeacon works with Bluetooth options to share alerts while using an Apple store.

The iBeacons will work with the Apple Store app. The iBeacon runs with Bluetooth and is available on any iPhone, iPad or iPod. This iBeacons if you have got the app on your phone and have given Apple permission to track you,. This will be great experience to track. For example if you walk into any store and the app will enter the “in-store mode.” The same ways suppose if you are standing next to iPhone section then you might receive a message and asking if you’d like to upgrade your iPhone. 

Apple's iBeacon

The app then automatically will check the upgrade options/ features and eligibility. The iBeacons app to use the applications users must have installed the Apple Store app to receive in store notifications and updates.

The most important iBeacon service is optional with devices and users must have to turn the Location Services to use the iBeacons.

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