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Android Tablet Features Review – Top Features to Consider When Buying an Android Tablet

Android Tablet Features Review – Top Features to Consider When Buying an Android Tablet

The Tablets have become a more loving gadget amid the people around the globe. In the present day, Android tablets come in lot of variety and style and finding the right Android Tablet Features is not easy. There are several tablets, which can be freely divided in quite a few categories, by physical size and input/output technology. Tablets are well-liked with consumers who wish for a gadget with more features and functions than Smartphone offer. The buyers can observe many tablets in the modern day market with the convenience of fewer weights and more portability than a laptop computer presents. Here we will discusses the latest Android Tablet Features Review in detail.

Let discuss Android Tablet Features Review in detail.

How to Buy an Android Tablet

Android tablets are becoming ever more popular in this fast paced technological world. An Android tablet brings into play the Android operating system to function. It is spot on that Android tablet comes as a perfect active device to stay advanced, whether for business or casual life. There are loads of diverse Android tablets to choose from including luxury and budget gadgets. Android tablets are famous in the tablet world with any person trying to find convenience and connectivity. Tablets with the Android operating system are in high demand as a result of the system’s superior rank for dependability and the many choices accessible to customers for buying apps.

Android Tablet Features

Obviously, all Android tablets are not produced one and the same. As a result, it’s always a most excellent thing to focus clearly on what precisely you are searching for in a tablet previous to spend several hundred bucks to buy it. Observably, some of the Android tablets have 10-inch screens, others seven, and various other tables land somewhere between these. There are huge variations in battery life, processing power and onboard RAM between various Android tablets. Hence, there are more than a few features that buyers of Android tablets should reflect on when buying an Android tablet. Certainly, understanding properly about the best Android tablets features will aid consumers to take clued-up and wise decisions.

Screen Size

Screen size is a vital feature when it comes to deciding which Android tablet to purchase.  Android tablets, in fact, come in a wide array of sizes.  Manufacturers of Android tablets in general categorize them as small, medium, or large. Small range of tablets generally used to have a screen size between 7 inches and 8 inches, medium tablets measure 9 used to come up to 10 inches, and large tablets present screens that are larger than 10 inches in size. The main benefits of 7-inch tablets are affordability and portability which aren’t so great for watching movies or browsing the web due to its small size. It is possible at the moment to find models up to 13 inches in size such as Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro and Toshiba Excite 13 tablet.


The processor is the crucial feature to mull over when decides to purchase an Android tablet since it is the brain of the tablet, and manages all the systems. The buyers must focus on selecting an Android tablet with a processor that is powerful and quick enough to agree to for multitasking and running different applications at the same time. The consumers who make use of their tablets mostly for gaming, a sluggish processor can mess up their gaming experience. If you try to play HD videos with a slow processor, it can cause delays in the streaming. So, a slow Android tablet processor can have a negative impact and therefore, buy Android tablet with a processor that can offer you good experiences.

Android Processor

It is considered that a quad-core processor presents the most excellent performance possible at the same time as making sure the tablet preserve with updates to the Android OS. Tablets with quad-core processors are in particular helpful for users who take pleasure in running advanced apps and games.


Connectivity is another most significant feature of Android tablets. Wi-Fi technology utilizes radio waves to connect to the Internet, and this feature makes Android tablets unique in the field. The buyers should understand that a tablet that backs up both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands offers the most comprehensive Wi-Fi connectivity. Connection choices take account of 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. A number of Android tablets present multiple alternatives for connectivity, such as 3G or 4G matched up with Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth connection. The users with a Smartphone on a 3G or 4G networks, the user can connect an Android tablet to the Smartphone to make use of the 3G or 4G networks.


Camera is an important feature in most of the Android tablets. Various Android tablets have both front and back cameras which allow the users to take benefit of all of the different camera and video functions. Nearly all rear-facing cameras have more megapixels than the front camera. The rear camera on a number of tablets offers as many as 8 MP. Observably, most of the Android tablet’s front cameras usually have fewer megapixels averaging between 1 MP and 2 MP.


Memory is another vital feature in Android tablets. Memory denotes the sum of storage on an Android tablet and tells how much space is accessible for keeping documents, pictures, and videos. Memory in most of the Android tablets ranges from 16 GB to 64 GB. The experts in the field suggest that to buy an Android tablet at least with 32 GB of memory if you are a fan to watching movies or listening to music.

Battery Life

While buying an Android tablet think about battery life of it. Battery life shows a discrepancy between various Android tablet brands. Obviously, bandwidth use, screen resolution, and processor speed used to have an effect on the battery life of the tablet.

Android Tablet Battery Life

The undertakings that the user make with the tablet also impinge on the life of the battery in Android tablets. The best part of users wish for a long battery life and the battery for the majority of Android tablets used to have about 8 hours.


An Android tablet provides the user a lot of freedom and flexibility to work, play, and stay connected with their friends and family. Some of the statistics mention that Android tablets are amongst the best-selling gadgets in the world. Every Android tablet brands makes more than one model which are obtainable from the sellers online and offline. The buyers are required to take into account a lot of things such as processor, screen size, connectivity, camera, memory, battery life etc with the aim of finding the most functional tablets available in the market. The customers should try to make the deal with the latest version of Android OS. They should consider its price and aimed use. By considering processor, screen size, connectivity, camera, memory, battery life, price etc, the buyers will be able to purchase an excellent Android tablet to match their needs.

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