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Amazon launches new Amazon Fire 3D smartphone with 3D technology

Amazon launches new Amazon Fire 3D smartphone with 3D technology

Amazon officially announced their new Amazon Fire 3D smartphone on Wednesday. Their announcement confirmed many of the rumours that surfaced previously for the arrival including 3D display technology and gesture controls.

The Fire phone’s 3D technology called as “dynamic perspective,” and this work differently than the type of 3D and this most of the peoples are aware. This new 3D technology is driven by four custom cameras that will line the Fire Phone’s 4.7 in IPS LCD HD display. The technology will create the most 3D effect by tracking the user’s iris and head movements using the four front cameras and that can also adjust the displayed images as per requirement.

The sources said that the Fire 3D smartphone also uses with infrared cameras to enable user to control more accurate gesture. This also instead of tracking the movement of the phone using accelerometers, the Fire phone tracks the position of the user’s head in relation to the phone.

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon has already started to worked further improve the Fire Phone’s Dynamic Perspective 3D display and some of the few apps and software development kits (SDK) for third-party developers.

Amazon Fire Phone launch

Amazon Fire 3D smartphone specs and features which include 4.7 inch HD LCD display, comes with 1280 X720 resolution, 2.3Ghz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, Camera comes with 13MP rear facing camera, multi-frame HDR with auto focus and LED flash, storage 32GB or 64GB, 2400mAh battery, connectivity options include Bluetooth 3, Wifi, and Micro USD 2.0 and headphone, Runs with FireOS 3.5. As per sources said that the smartphone Pre-orders started already and it’ll launch on July 25 expected.

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